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Spinal Decompression Therapy
Ann Landers: Photo by Alan Light

Researchers recently searched 10 computer databases for clinical trials regarding people with referred leg symptoms (SCIATICA), and MRI confirmation of a LUMBAR DISC HERNIATION.  They were specifically looking for only those suffering with low back pain and sciatica (leg pain).  The criteria to be included in this "Meta-Analysis" of forty years of scientific research?  One group received a conservative and non-injection treatment, and one did not. 

Eighteen trials involving 1671 individuals from between the years 1971 and 2008 involving 1671 participants met the study's criteria.  Utilizing the information in these studies, what was the conclusion of the researches?  Among other things, they determined that "Advice" carries the same level of effectiveness as spinal surgery at a one year follow-up.  Stop!  I don't think you caught that the first time.  Please read it again.  "Advice" is equally effective as spinal surgery at long-term (1 year) follow-up.  Gulp! 

This is not an unknown concept!

A similar study was done earlier this year, looking into ways of improving the outcome of back surgery.   Dr Allison McGregor, professor of musculoskeletal biodynamics (biomechanics), and her team of researchers at Imperial College London, looked at more than 300 patients over a six year period, hoping to answer the question, "Can post-operative exercise and rehabilitation help people to recover from back surgery? Or is up-to-date information and advice just as good?"  Sounds like a ridiculous question does it not?  Everyone knows how great rehab is.

Their conclusions?  Neither approach (post-operative exercise and rehab or "advice") makes any difference on the outcome of spinal surgery in terms of functional disability.  In other words, spinal surgery is such a crapshoot; you have just as good of chance of doing well (or poorly) if you forgo the rehab protocol and decide to watch a movie, read a pamphlet, or listen to a tape recording instead!  Nothing like some good, old-fashioned "advice" to cure a debilitating back problem!

What this should tell you is that you had better either have a darn good surgeon, or you had better be reading "Advice Columns" (like Ann Landers in the picture above) like you have never read anything else in your life!  They both have identical outcomes! Better yet, before you try back surgery (or another back surgery), look into Spinal Decompression Therapy.  It is scientifically shown to reduce the need for back surgeries by taking pressure off of injured or degenerative discs!

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